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Kefalonia May 2017 A week away in the sun at the Ionian Emerald hotel near Sami
Barbados September 2016 Mango Bay Hotel, upgraded to the executive suite, fantastic.
Croatia July 2016 Lovely place to visit, could even do it for a long weekend. Highly recommended.
Turkey September 2015 Never been to Turkey before - good fun holiday in the sun. The jeep safari was excellent!
South Africa 2014 A special holiday for Rachel to celebrate her birthday. We packed a lot in!
Iceland March 2014 A visit to see the Northern Lights is never guaranteed to deliver and we were unlucky and the lights didn't show. We had a great time with Jonathon and Vikki though and have an excuse to go back again.
USA Part 2 - Florida September 2013 2nd week, joined by Jonathon and Vikki for some Disney magic.
USA Part 1 - Road Trip September 2013 As part of Rachel's Mum 70th birthday year we took a trip to America. 1st week was a mini road trip around Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans.
Cancun, Mexico September 2012 Our first trip to Mexico, and probably not our last. Stunning hotel, lovely people, very relaxing.
New York September 2011 Part two of our trip with Rachel's Ma and Pa to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.
Canada September 2011 Part one of our trip with Rachel's Ma and Pa to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.
Fuerteventura April 2011 Another lazy holiday getting naked in the sun. Smashing.
Antigua 2010 Lovely relaxing holiday made even better by meeting a lovely couple, Andrew and Nichola Waite.
Orlando October 2009 Back to Florida so soon? Of course - it's just so much fun.
Fuerteventura October 2008

We decided we would like a really (really) lazy holiday and spent a fabulous two weeks in the sun doing absolutely nothing. Well, we did go and watch and England game one night, and we did eat, drink, laze in the sun, swim and have fun.

Orlando October 2007

There's no doubt about it. A trip to Orlando is a fabulous holiday and we love it. With the children getting older we thought it would be nice to have a "final" trip together to the land of dreams.

Gran Canaria June 2007

Time to relax in the sun. We've never been to Gran Canaria before, very enjoyable trip.

Dominican Republic 2005 Our first trip to the Caribbean. We had a two week holiday, all expenses paid, for less than we would have expected to pay for a trip in Europe. I guess you get what you pay for as the holiday was ok but nothing special. We enjoyed ourselves on the beach but the hotel could have been better and the food and service were definitely lacking
Portugal September 2004 We didn't really enjoy Portugal very much. It was ok, but not great, and the people were not very friendly.
Sri Lanka May 2003 Having been made redundant by August Group, I returned to contracting and worked at Global Beach for 3 months. At the end of that contract we decided to take a short break before starting to look for a new job. "Let's go whilst we still have some money" was our sensible view of things.
China August 2002 Our first "organised" trip. We thought this was the best way to see this amazing country, and we were right.
Orlando Feb 2002 A surprise birthday present for Rachel's daughter Kristine turned out to be a mega family trip. Great fun - and we all got to meet Mickey Mouse and chums.
Tunisia April 2001 We decided to have an early break and try to "catch some rays". Tunisia seemed to be a good bet and very nice it turned out too.
Egypt 2000 Rachel was lucky enough to be presented with a £1000 holiday voucher from work. We decided to make the most of this and have a superb trip to visit the wonders of Egypt. This was money well spent. Fascinating place, must go back again.
Las Vegas 2000 This was a very special trip. On millennium night 1999 Roy finally got around (and down - on one knee) to proposing to Deb. The wedding was booked for July 4th in Las Vegas and they were going to have a quiet wedding, or so they thought! The date was actually moved to July 5th (a wedding on Independence day seemed wrong somehow!) but the big surprise was that Rachel decided that Roy and Deb should not get married alone. Mum and Dad should be there; and Rachel with Steve; can't forget Vikki and Rich; or Kim Trevor and Patrick; and it would be so wrong to leave Kristine and Mick behind! The story of Vegas
Australia What a fabulous holiday. Stopped off for two days in Hong Kong on the way and then spent some glorious days in Sydney and Cairns. We were lucky enough to be able to meet up with some old friends in Sydney. Greta is a fabulous lady that Steve worked with for only 3 months about 10 years ago - but they have stayed friends ever since. Pete and his wife Mags were co-workers of Steve's through various incarnations in England. They moved back to Oz and it was a real pleasure to meet up with them (and see their new family too).
Hong Kong Part of our trip to Oz was a two day stop over in Hong Kong. Some people think this is a fabulous place. Not me. I thought it was dirty and smelly (mostly) and too much hustle and bustle for my liking. Perhaps it's because I don't like shopping!
New York The trip to New York was special for two reasons. This year was my Mum's 65th birthday and it was also Kristine's 18th. Mum had always said that she would love to go and see the musical Les Miserables. We decided that we would take her, but make it extra special by taking her to Broadway! It also made a lot of sense to combine this with a present for Kristine - a big Disney fan. The Lion King was getting rave reviews and (at the time) could only be seen on Broadway. Tickets booked, job done, we were on our way. Turned out to be a fabulous trip in all ways.